Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chris Roubis unplugged

Born and bred in Sydney’s Suburb of Maroubra. Chris loved fast cars, bikes and fast women. He become a Licensed Motor Mechanic and started building race motors for drag strips and illegal drag racing.

Chris’s 11 second LH Torana had a good reputation in the illegal drag scene of being unbeatable. Chris and his car were wanted by the Police and were said to be No.1 on their hit list. Fortunately for Chris’s links to the Federal Police force, he was always one step ahead of them.

Chris later studied the art of ZEN DO KAI. Became a 2nd Dan black belt and stopped.

He later then became a Licensed Auto Electrician, apprentice wages were killing him, so he supplemented his wages by painting motor vehicles in his spare time. The word got around about the great work he did, soon he hired help and made a good living out of it.

Chris later decided to hit the gym and become a fulltime body builder. Took him a few years and a few courses of Jungle juice, but the results were incredible. Lot’s of Security firms hired him, including for adult shows. Through his security work, Chris became a collector of european hand guns.

Slowly this life style made chris decide to go back to TAFE and get his certificate in Electronics. Chris always had a talent and passion for art, so he then decided to enroll in a Design course at TAFE.

After a few years in the Graphic Design Industry he decided to work for himself.

After the death of his little boy Makia (Shih tzu cross Silky terrier) he became very spiritual. The gifts he was born with slowly came back to him after he bloked them out when he was younger.

Now Chris Roubis helps alot of people through his volunteer work and services to animal organisations and the youth , including using his gifts to learn how to help others.

Chris’s main guide is Zeffa (middle eastern). His Healing guide is White Eagle (native American indian). His Gate keeper Young Blood (native American Indian) And there are also another 40 or more other guides, Angels and family, that come and go from time to time,including the beautiful Fairy named Lily.

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